What makes Magic Dragon special

Magic Dragon is an exciting new garden plant. Ideal for use in borders or as a patio container plant, it has a very long season of flower beginning in May and continuing until frost.

The sturdy, upright plants grow to around 70cm tall. The flower stems keep branching from the base to produce more and more buds and flowers.

The flowers are very large, up to 7.5cm diameter, and are a strong pink with attractive markings in the throat.

Magic Dragon is a good plant for pollinators – bees love the big open flowers and you will be able to watch honeybees and bumblebees visiting the plants in your garden.

It is also easy to grow – any soil that is not very dry or boggy will satisfy this plant’s needs. It does best in a sunny position or with a little light shade. It is a herbaceous perennial – this means that it dies back to ground level once the autumn frosts arrive and then regrows from the soil when warmer temperatures come in spring.

The first flowers on a young plant at Walberton Nursery.
The first flowers on a young plant at Walberton Nursery.

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